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We believe that God created each person to be beautiful  and whole. However, many of us find ourselves living secret, hurt-filled, and broke lives because of poor choices made either by us, or someone we know.  But we believe that God wants to see these lives restored! Our Beautiful You program includes: ​​

  • "Steps to Sexual Health" - a video series by Douglas Weiss, Ph.D. to deal with sexual trauma, sexual abuse, and sexual misuse. Dr. Weiss is a Christian counselor and a leading expert in dealing with these issues, having helped hundreds of people find freedom and healing. This series can be worked through on an individual basis, or in a group setting. 

  • "The Blueprint for Sexual Integrity" - a video series by Carrie Abbott, which talks about God's design for life, love and legacy. Carrie shares how understanding God's plan for our sexuality is the key to becoming whole. We are presently offering this on an individual basis.

  • "Focus on Fertility" - a video series by Emily Sederstrand, public speaker and certified fertility educator, and special guest Kathleen McGee, author and certified fertility / relationship educator. This series teaches women the truth about their fertility and empowers them to make healthy choices. This series is available as an individual study. 

Sexual Health